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Welcome the beautiful spring on a 5-star yacht in Hong Kong

Soak up the carnival atmosphere in Hong Kong beautiful and dynamic, you will feel the thrill of the weather in the spring, the bustle of a modern city, as well as enjoying life on tourist class 5-star boat.

Super Star Virgo Cruise is one of the most 5-star of Star Cruises International Group. The Group provides services, utilities and modern luxury, takes visitors to new experiences and unique for vacation.
The yacht can accommodate up to 1,870 guests in 935 cabins total, with each 5-star rooms are well-appointed with luxury. In particular, each room has its own window so visitors can watch the sunrise or sunset from the sea at sunset. In spring boisterous atmosphere, visitors can try their luck at the casino or enjoy a special program is performed nightly at the Lido Theatre.

Besides, visitors will feel the essence of culinary through international buffet with hundreds of dishes at the restaurant Mediterranean, China, India, Japan ... The dedicated service and smile body of the friendly crew will leave guests satisfaction and lasting impression.

In addition, visitors can shop right on the yacht which offers a full range of items in Star Boutique, Wine Shop or exempt areas with affordable. Guests please shelve the stress of a year spent in enjoyment, relaxation in the most beautiful location of the yacht: the spa area, gym and swimming pool fresh system indoor and outdoor.
For Hong Kong to be busy festive season and how jubilantly, visitors can experience the same Vietravel tour of the 100-storey Sky Tower, to 360-degree panoramic view of the city at the top floor. Or visitors can try to visit the wax museum displays more than 100 wax celebrities simulation in the world, with technology more visual real wax not outside. Here, visitors will delight photographed with celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Aaron Kwok, Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt ...

In particular, this tour will give younger visitors traveled about childhood at Disneyland - entertainment world famous parade and many special programs and fun. Warm spring day will become even more when the family saved her happiest moments in fairy scenery, fireworks colorful in the castle of the princess, prince ...

Nestled in the modern atmosphere of a dynamic city, Hong Kong has its own ancient beauty, pretty stunning. Monastery Chi Union will take visitors back to the moments of peace, purity, escape from the rush of everyday life. Guests will feel the unique architecture of wood pierces, handed down from the Tang Dynasty to the present, the system combines open space ... will take visitors closer to nature and daydreaming on each small fortune for a new year's blue luck.

Bustling holiday season in Hong Kong

Coming to the city of Hong Kong, visitors will feel more vibrant atmosphere of the Spring Festival and the bustle of a modern city.

For Hong Kong - boisterous festive season and how jubilantly, visitors can board the train to the Kowloon Peninsula Traditional urbanized. Here, visitors will be surprised to see on the hull with two letters written in Vietnamese "Hello" and more surprised at Tsim Sha Tsui has two major road named Hai Phong and Hanoi quite busy . Walking around the shopping district on Nathan Road and the commercial center, guests will easily encounter many things from famous fashion brands in the world, to the clothing fits within your budget. The streets with enough of fashion colors unfold itself like inviting tourists to the city this beautiful Hong Kong.

To Hong Kong without up Victoria Peak watching as visitors watch less this fragrant port of origin. The first impression is the ticket printed with the words "The Peak I Love You" as a message rich in meaning. A ticket of love may be the place where those who love each other can come to pray for lasting love couple. Building on the mountain Peak Tower Sky Terrace at the 5th floor with the panoramic view of the city where the most ideal. When dusk falls, the city's yellow tinged a light, bright electric light that Hong Kong as sparkling and magical at night ...

One sights not to be missed is the magnificent Disneyland, amusement paradise for all ages. Here, you will enjoy yourself in the carnival, the parade colorful street.

A day at Disneyland, you will delight in watching and taking photos with funny cartoon characters or engage in adventure game thrills, adventure. All will bring you and your family relaxing moments interesting.

Besides a dynamic city, there are the land of fragrant harbor very own beauty and quaint. Monastery Chi Union will take visitors back to the peaceful moments, escape from the rush of everyday life. With its unique architecture, built of wood is preserved and kept intact to this day, the system combines open space will take visitors closer to nature and daydreaming on the young buds blue as a loving message sent spring.

Must-try experience in Hong Kong

You should start the day with a delicious breakfast at the retail stalls on Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan shopping district, then sat on the porch sipping coffee shop and watch the flow of people back and forth.


Next, visit the flower market and try a walk. Fresh flowers from around the world were present at the market, we are aligning the right path will probably surprise you and delight.

If visitors are not too bothered about eating and nap time, can come The Face Spa and facial massage for comfort. Here they also have aesthetic treatments, beauty treatments.

Afternoon guests to sip fragrant cup of hot tea with traditional dim sum restaurant on the top floor at Above & Beyond.

Subscribe to a game of horse racing at the "happy valley" (Happy Valley) is a vacation experience like sports attract. This place became the site of horse races in Hong Kong since 1846.

MacLehose trails, Wilson, Hong Kong, Lantau suitable for tourists stroll each morning. However, this path is not suitable for children accompanied.

Eat a brunch European style with a wide selection of restaurants Dining Kitchen & Lounge ON, chef Philippe Orrico by management, including desserts are freshly baked pastries.

In the middle of the stalls DIY and crowded streets, you'll find Dragon Centre shopping mall, recreation paradise for all visitors. You can look at Apple Mall to hunt for cosmetic items from Japan, Korea, or to buy tickets to sit on the rooftop roller coaster central ...

When large groups of people to stay the same, you should book tour aboard Jaspa's Junk to enjoy the most delicious dishes in the banquet Hong Kong.

Come Crystal seafood restaurant to enjoy the delicious hot pot dishes and cheap drinks. Not too noisy bar, but simply decorated large spaces and open until late.

The destinations to experience nightlife in Hong Kong

Here are 5 options to enjoy the night life in the land of fragrant port.

Lan Kwai Fong
Lan Kwai Fong is famous as the center of world entertainment night in Hong Kong. Here, visitors can find a lot of different clubs. You go to the Brew House to enjoy a good beer or a cocktail at Post 97. If love live music, visitors can look at Insomnia foot, while the other addresses Volar you unleash immersed in the dance. Despite playing all night where you go again do not forget your party ends in Stormies. On weekends, often crowded Lan Kwai Fong, mostly tourists.

This is the address well with people like the bar, pub classic. The shops in SoHo has focused on the small streets near each other (such as Elgin, Staunton or Peel) so you do not need to move much. Start the night with a drink at The Saint or Yorkshire Pudding, the English-style bar. Next, visitors come to Little L.A.B, where cocktail-style Hong Kong's very own. With music enthusiasts, like listening to jazz, rock, blues, Peel Fresco is a place not to be missed.

Wan Chai
If you want to explore the other side of nightlife in Hong Kong, Wan Chai tourists should visit. This red light district would show you what not everyone knows. Guests can play throughout the night in the bars in Wan Chai. Make your opening party at Coyote Bar & Grill with margarita glasses. Carnegie's with different space is also an interesting destination, anyone can dance here. A polite entertainment address in Wan Chai is Delaney - an Irish pub-style cozy.

Tsim Sha Tsui
Notorious as a meeting point for guests interested in shopping but Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), also equally attractive SoHo and Lan Kwai Fong. This neighborhood bustles and sparkling by the colorful electric lights. You want to find a beverage bar and classic elegance, try Artesian - bar with decent space, is the most popular drinks of gin and bourbon mixture.

TST also has dozens of pubs as Road Side, The Hair of The Dog II, serving cheap beer until midnight. If you want to play the point airy, you can get to Mira Hotel where the rooftop bar designed like a secret garden.


Each brings the beauty of an ancient fishing village, famous Stanley today with bars, restaurants, modern roads romance bloom. King Ludwig to Beerhall, Smuggler's Inn, visitors can find a private seating overlooking the sea or to enjoy a drink. Stanley is also the ideal destination for those who love to entertain, relax in comfortable places, airy.

Address for supper in Hong Kong

Here are 5 restaurants serving Hong Kong late meals for guests.

Lily & Bloom
Want a sophisticated midnight meal, set the table guests of Lily & Bloom roof area. The menu includes dishes such as beef luxury French, American beef fillet with foie gras, Iberico pork ... this restaurant is the ideal meeting point for gourmets. Opening hours of Lily & Bloom played 2-7 open from 18h - 23h; 6th own, additional meals 7 nights from 23h - 2h.

Loyal Dining
If you're looking for delicious food offer of Hong Kong, Loyal Dining is a best choice. The restaurant is designed in classic style combined East - West. Loyal Dining serves customers from 2am to 11am the next day during the day 2-5, 6th from 11h - 4h, 7th from 9 am - 4 hours and Sunday 9am - 2pm. These dishes are usually selected visitors are crispy pigeon, chicken wings with soy sauce, roast pork and rice. Do not forget to try the exotic drink coca Hong Kong is included chocolate cream.

The Woods
And nothing better than a cocktail together with food after hours fun. The Woods is a place with a variety of drinks are formulated very delicate, attractive material with seasonal updates, make sure you will find your favorite dishes. If hungry, you call a 4-course meal at the elegant cocktail to enjoy. Cozy atmosphere with delicious food and drink, make sure visitors do not want to leave. The restaurant is open from 18h to 2h in the morning on weekdays.

The Flying Pan
If you want to eat pancakes at 2am, the visitors look to The Flying Pan. This restaurant serves classic dishes such as eggs Benedict and popular with French fries and many choices other interesting combinations. You can also choose eggs cooked in 7 different ways. Late midnight meals may become the next day's breakfast. The Flying Pan operate 24 hours so you do not need to wonder what time the restaurant closed.

Tott's & Roof Terrace
With wide views of the Victoria Harbour skyline same distance, Tott & RoofTerrace is one of the most attractive destination Hong Kong night. The restaurant is located on the 34th floor of the Hotel Excelsior, in addition to a beautiful location, the food here also you have to surprise. Guests can choose from dishes such as lobster soup, grilled Wagyu beef, desserts and Valrhona chocolate fondant. This will be your culinary experience unforgettable. Opening hours of the restaurant on Friday 2-5 is 18h - 1h, 6th of 18 - 2 hours, 7 minutes is 17 pm - 2 pm and Sunday 18h30 - 23h.

The famous snack in Hong Kong

Fish egg noodles
Acne, also known as fish ball very fresh taste. Egg noodles with raw fish is fresh rice noodles to fiber, the broth made from pork bones and fish bones stewed for hours make a sweet sound. Then people put more fish eggs, beef, pork and beef fried fish pieces on top. Caviar pasta chewy but still retain plasticity, combined with the soft meat and water park in the sweet, all make for an appealing flavor irresistible.
Famous brand: Fish German egg noodles Store Initiative.

Sparkling soup of wontons stuffed with fresh shrimp puller
Just like steamed dumplings of Shanghai cage, shrimp wontons stuffed fresh pasta is a famous delicacies of Hong Kong. Shrimp cakes to workers puller is sparkling and fresh shrimp to be selected very carefully, noodles made from golden colored eggs, chewy but still very soft. In addition, water is also a very important component to creating a delicious bowl of wontons. Water used to be made from bones jar, dried fish and shrimp shells.
Famous Brand: Van Than Tri Ky

Beef ball
Members of the Hong Kong Beef famous crunchy sweetness of beef tendon closely blended in special sauce tasty match. This dish was so popular that in the movie "The Gods" Stephen Chow, it is also possible for von is used as a ping pong ball. Here cows often are mixed with wonton noodles, also can eat with other ingredients such as shrimp meat, cashews, quail eggs ... When you enjoy, you will feel the outside chewy meat Members inside the soft, sweet, rich aroma,
Famous Brand: Cow member Duc Phat

Immature egg cake
This is one of the snack characteristic streets of Hong Kong. The main material includes eggs, sugar, flour, butter are mixed together to form a thick mixture. Then the mixture was poured into the mold and then baking honeycomb up. The cake looks like the yellow egg incubators still retain the flavor of crunchy, greasy butter and vanilla, delicious hot food especially when newly-minted cake. Today, in addition to the traditional taste, the young chicken quiche variations also add many different types of workers, such as chocolate, coconut fiber or black sesame ... gives customers the choices are abundant.
Famous Brand Cake Cuong Loi Ky premature eggs

Turtle jelly
High flexibility is provided for dessert specialty of Hong Kong people, composed of turtle shell powder, breaking for parts, delivery address, dandelion and honeysuckle flowers. This dish looks initially with dew jelly and soft flute but tougher, slightly bitter taste when eaten Typically used with honey. This dessert is a cool, detoxification heat effect, very good for health.
Famous Brand: Air Supply Line

10 things to help Hong Kong become the pearl of Asia

In Hong Kong there are two official languages ​​are Cantonese and English. Both languages ​​can be used in government, law, science or commerce ...

Hong Kong is a free trade market, is expressed at extremely low taxes and limited intervention to the fullest extent of the government. Here, most commodities were exempt, only 4 commodities are tobacco, spirits, hydrocarbon oil, and methyl applicable excise tax.

70% of the territory of Hong Kong is rural but this is where many of the skyscrapers in the world, nearly 1.5 times that of New York. Also, if you are a beach lover then this island is also an attractive destination with about 350 islands and islets. Guests can freely rent a boat to the island farthest to drinking or swimming with his friends.

Cashless system using the Octopus card
This is a smart card system replaces cash and up to 95% of people aged 16 to 65 use this card. It is used in most routine payments such as public transport, parking, shopping, dining, supermarket or convenience store ...

Transport system
In Hong Kong, 90% of cruise traffic in a day using public transport. In the subway system which transport up to 5 million people every day and this number is increasing constantly.

Hong Kong's police forces are equipped and best trained in Asia. It is also one of the places with the lowest crime rates in the world. Police will be present within 5 minutes when requested.

Cuisine is the long-standing culture of Chinese and dim sum is a famous specialty of origin worldwide Thom Harbor. Here, there are many restaurants from 5am began selling this dish.

Hong Kong is one of the 10 most attractive tourist destinations in Asia by TripAdvisor site launched. Every year, Hong Kong tourists welcomed nearly 7 times the population and this sector continues to grow strongly, bringing great benefit.

The average IQ of 107 Hong Kong is also one of the 10 places with the highest IQ in the world. Hong Kong is ranked high in the areas of mathematics and science, just behind Finland in the list of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for the quality of education.

Feng Shui
Feng shui is one of the Department of Philosophy of China, so it also has significant influence on the rules of Hong Kong. Here, in many high-rise buildings are a major flaw because in Feng Shui, there is a dragon living in the mountains to fly to sea for drinking water. This dragon brings prosperity of Hong Kong should not block the path of the dragon.